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Dowload Greenfield Implementation Apache PDFBox Implementation
Release Installer The latest stable zip installer. The latest stable zip installer.
  GPG signature GPG signature
Development Installer The unstable, latest development zip package. The unstable, latest development zip package.
  GPG signature GPG signature

Where to get help?

Installation and getting started

Our documentation site has an installation walkthrough, as well as help using the veraPDF software.


The documentation site also has details of veraPDF licensing.

Verifying the installer download

If you want to verify your download for security and integrity then first download the GPG signature file into the same directory as the installer zip. You’ll need a copy of our GPG key, you can get it from our downloads site or from a keyserver: gpg --keyserver --recv 78B17FE7. Once the key is imported you can use it to verify the zip archive with the signature, e.g. gpg --verify The public key fingerprint is 13DD 102B 4DD6 9354 D12D E5A8 3184 8632 78B1 7FE7.

Browse veraPDF archives

If you're looking for an older version of the software you can browse our build archives: